Friday, February 16, 2007

We need sleep!!

I just figured out today that I haven't slept in 88 months!! I get more tired just thinking about it. He just won't/can't sleep at night. He gets up and comes into our room. Then he wants to have a conversation. I just can't converse at 3:00, but apparently, he can. Of course, he is getting more and more tired from all this. At the same time, he is getting MUCH more cranky. This leads to meltdown, meltdown, meltdown. What I wouldn't give for a full night's sleep.

Ah well, this too shall pass.

Peace out.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Visits with family

Well, more of the same. We had some family visit us, and we all went out to lunch. Our son wanted them to just go away. This is family he absolutely loves, but for some reason... Anyway, after lunch, we went to Starbucks. He was just miserable. He refused to look at us, or even sit with us. Needless to say, our family felt really bad. He was just so mad at everyone. Maybe just too much stimulation - being out AND extra people. Who knows?

Night time continues to be difficult. He's getting better at staying in his room at night, but he just doesn't want to sleep. This, of course, leads to being very tired in the morning. So, it is now very difficult to get him ready for school.

Always something. As usual, we keep on keeping on. What else can we do?

Peace out.