Saturday, April 14, 2007


OK, we're sleeping a little better. But now, it's all tantrums, all the time. Yesterday we went out to breakfast before school. We do that sometimes, just for fun. Little man decided he wanted to go somewhere else before scchool. Anyplace, really. Toy store was choice number one. BUT, there was of course no time. Somehow that did not make sence to him. So, there was head hitting, yelling, kicking and screaming. Because I "refused" to make some time. The fact that there was no time to do that was completely insignificant to him. "But Mama, make some time!!"

That is one example, but it's been endless tantrums about EVERYTHING. Getting in the shower, getting out of the shower, getting dressed, having breakfast, putting shoes on, going to school, doing homework, eating dinner, getting ready for bed, going to bed, staying in bed... Need I say more?

Yikes, what's a mama to do??

Oh, well, keep on keeping on, I guess...

Peace out.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

We can do magic...

OK, not really. But we bought him a sound machine. It makes different noises which you can pick. He picked "bird". He is definitely getting to sleep earlier, but he comes into our room continuously from 8 to about 9:30. But that is WAAAAYYYYY better than it was.

We shall see if this will last. Who knows.

Peace out.