Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Social Skills and Songs

Yesterday, AJ and I were driving from a homeschool group (which didn't happen - but that's a story for another day). He said something which most people would consider rude. I knew what he meant, and I knew he wasn't trying to be rude. But, still, I felt the need to explain to him that what he said would normally be considered rude, and how to say it differently. These explanations are usually completely meaningless to him, but I feel the need to keep trying. Not everyone will be accomodating, or even understand that he isn't trying to be rude. He just says exactly what he thinks. Tone and semantics mean nothing to him. At least at this point.

Anyway, after my explanation (probably long-winded), he asks me "Why do you have better social skills than me?". I tell him that he has Asperger's, and sometimes these kinds of issues will come up for him. He answers me that I have Asperger's too. This is his theory. I have never been diagnosed. But, I figure, he knows more about Asperger's than a doctor who isn't autistic, so he's probably right. I am left with explaining to him that I'm older, so I have more experience dealing with people.

But this makes me remember all the times when I've made social faux pas. Or when people have been angry with me and I haven't understood why. Or when I have believed lies, or trusted someone not worth my trust. I've been told that I'm rude, or not very flexible, or too sensitve. So, he's probably right. Whatever. I'm me, and he's him. And we just are.

On another note, AJ's been writing poems/songs. These are songs that are not to the tune of anything I've ever heard. He makes that up too. Here they are:

By: AJ
You tell me to do
This that this and the other thing
You tell me it's all so important
And I tell you
I'm not a bumper car
So why don't you just stop
Pushing me around now
I can't believe how lazy
You have gotten

By: AJ
In the morning, as school starts
I think it's gonna be a sleepless night
Sleepless night
Sleepless night
Sleepless night
With the moon shining bright
It's gonna be a sleepless night
All night long

Yep, he's a cool kid.

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