Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Differences of Opinion

AJ and I were watching a show about cloning a dog. There was a couple whose dog died. They missed him and decided to clone him. AJ wanted to know more about it - so I gave him the Reader's Digest version. I told him: "They take the DNA from the dog, and use a female dog to have a puppy with the same DNA as their old dog. So the puppy is the baby version of the dog that died." He thought that was so cool.

My reaction to cloning is just based on the "Yuck" factor. I can't help but take it to the inevitable conclusion of cloning humans. Just can't go there. So, I told him that I don't like cloning, and it makes me uncomfortable. AJ just thinks I'm missing the point. He told me "Well, if they love their dog that much, they just can't be without him. It's simple." Hmmmm...

He then told me that when I die, he's going to clone me. OK, kinda cute, kinda creepy.

"I would just be a baby. You'd have to take care of me."

"I would do that for you."

"You would have to change my diaper."

"I'd get someone else to do that!!"

"You'd be my dad."

"I'd still love you - you'd still be Mama - just littler."

OK, that's hard to argue with. And maybe it is that simple. Or maybe it's still yucky.

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