Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Normally, changes in schedule don't go over well in my family. AJ HATES any disruption in his routine. We try to avoid disruptions, but sometimes life happens.

On Saturday night, we had a friend from high school over to our house. We began preparing AJ a week before it happened. He doesn't know our friend. He wasn't happy. He kept saying he wasn't going to talk to her, he wasn't going to go out to dinner with us, etc. etc.

On Saturday, we were nervous about what would happen. Our friend is pretty laid back. And very non-confrontational. We knew she would not get all up in his face, the way some adults do. Also, she has very curly hair too, so we knew she wouldn't comment on his hair - which is a big trigger for him.

So, she got to our house, and AJ took off upstairs. We finally got him back downstairs to discuss where to go for dinner. Everytime we all agreed on something, AJ changed his mind (even when the idea was his). Finally, everyone (including AJ) agreed on a place. We went there, and he calmed down alot. He ate almost all of his dinner, and occasionally engaged our friend in conversation. He did great.

At home, the plan was that the adults would watch a video, and AJ would go to bed at his normal time. His bedtime routine was completely screwed up. Every single thing about it was different. And he just rolled with it. Didn't complain once, didn't melt down, didn't fight. He went to bed at pretty much regular time. We were shocked!! He only came downstairs once (he usually comes into our room multiple times). Even then, he just wanted an extra hug. Then he went right back upstairs. Our friend stayed until almost 2:00. And, when we went upstairs, he was asleep.

Maybe it was just a fluke, or maybe he is learning to deal with change. Either way, it felt good - and boy did he get lots of high fives the next day!!!

Peace out!!

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