Saturday, February 21, 2009

Could this be OCD??

Last night, AJ couldn't sleep. He was in and out of our room at least 5 times before 10:00. Finally, he said he played a scary computer game, and he couldn't get it out of his head. He and I wound up in the guest room, where he slept just fine - because I was there. OK, that sounds like anxiety to me, and we're working on that one.

This morning, AJ wouldn't get dressed. Actually, all week, he hasn't wanted to get dressed. But, this morning, he was hysterical about it. Finally, after he yelled at us for about 30 minutes, he said he was afraid that there was something in this clothes, and he was afraid to put them on. Lisa showed him how to turn them inside-out to check. Then, he put them right on. So, OCD? Anxiety? Anyone have a clue.

He does have lots of quirks and rituals, but that's just typical of autism. So, we're having a hard time deciding where this one falls. We finally got the name of a good child psychiatrist. I'm making an appointment with her on Monday. Maybe she can untangle all the pieces. But, it could be a while before we get the appointment, so in the mean time, I'm trying to figure this one out. If anyone has any insight, maybe drop me a line.

Peace out.

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