Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Social Stuff

AJ and I were talking about socializing. A home school group we decided to join was cancelled due to lack of interest. AJ was disappointed because he was excited about it. He asked what we were going to do for socializing. I promised him we would find another group. I also asked him if he missed his friends at school. Here's his response:

AJ: "At school, I learned something that no kid should learn."

Me: "What was that?"

AJ: "That you can't trust kids. They act like they're your friends, but then they bully you."

Me: "I know that happended to you with D."

AJ: "Yeah, but C. taught me that you CAN trust kids - just not all kids."

C. is the friend that he met that I discussed in the previous post.

Sometimes the things you learn in school are not things that you want your kids to learn - at least not at 7 years old. But, thanks to home schooling, he has seen the other side of that. Now, he feels OK about trying to meet kids, but he will always be more careful than he should be at his age. That makes me sad - but at least he is learning to trust now, instead of having to learn this as an adult.

Peace out.

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