Sunday, February 15, 2009

More About Cures

AJ is very concerned about "curing autism" lately. It's all over the news and the blogs I read. He's also been thinking about cancer lately. We live near a Starbucks that is involved in the American Cancer Society fund raisers, so we see the signs all the time.

I knew that eventually, the two would collide. I've been waiting to see the result when they did. On Friday, I heard about it.

I was making AJ some breakfast. He was being quiet, so I knew something was percolating. He's never quiet. Here's his thoughts (with no prelude - he just says what he thinks):

"They should use the money they are spending on curing autism, and use it to help cure cancer. Autism isn't even a disease. Why cure it? Has anyone ever died from autism? No, I didn't think so!! Why not ask the people they are trying to cure if they even want to be cured? AARRGGHHH!!! This makes me so angry!!"

And with that, he stomped off to play with his transformers, and think about saving the world from all the people that aggrivate him.

Yeah, our little activitst for neurodiversity.

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