Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is He Always Like This?

"Is he always like this?" This is a question I've heard, sometimes in slightly different wording, since AJ was an infant.

I always ask: "Like what?" just to be annoying. Their answers have varied, depending on AJ's age, stage, development, mood, or the person asking the questions age, stage, development, or mood.

Basically, is he always so: cranky, clingy, chatty, loud, energetic? Ummm, yeah. He's intense. He's all those things. And whatever mood he's in, he's in it 200%. So, yes, he's always like THIS. Whatever THIS is - that's what he is. He's also ALWAYS intelligent and engaging.

Where am I going with this? I don't know - but I'm so sick of that question. It just seems weird to me. It's weird enough when people who know us ask this question, but it's freaking weird when complete strangers ask this. What difference could it possibly make to them. I don't know - maybe I'm being cranky and I just need a nap.

Peace out.

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