Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This Is Where I Belong

AJ and I joined the Audubon Society. It's our plan to do all the hikes in our area. So, on Monday, we headed out for our first one. AJ loves the woods. It's quiet, with very little stimulation. Also, AJ HATES bugs. HATES! And, he is terrified of them. But, in the woods, he decided not to be scared anymore. Being there was more important to him. More important than the hated and feared bugs. That is amazing.

I let him use my digital camera. He was taking the most beautiful pictures. He's got a great eye. I was so impressed. I'm thinking he's getting a digital camera for his birthday in August. He has a "kid" one, but the resolution sucks, and he knows it. He's just so good, and it makes him so happy to take pics. He's really gentle with the camera, and knows how to use the macro features, and turn off the flash.

Anyway, the point was, as we were walking around, AJ was just so happy. He kept saying "This is it, Mama. This is where I belong. This is my place." And it is. Everyone has a place - a place where they feel whole, and comfortable. Nature is his. We are going to spend more time there - in his place, where he belongs.

Peace out.

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