Monday, March 22, 2010

Kids Need Encouragment

Last month, AJ and I went to a Hallmark store to buy some birthday cards for my mom.  We looked around and finally found some we both like.   AJ was in a good mood and feeling very cuddly, so I was getting lots of hugs and "I love you"'s.   It was a good day.

The cashier was giving us "the look" as we were waiting in line.  Even on a "good" day, AJ is kind of loud and disruptive.  I gave her my best smile, and kept my attention focused on my munchkin.  When we got up to pay, she quietly told me that they were having a sale on some cards for kids.  I told her that we didn't need any more cards, and would just like to pay for the ones we had.  She insisted that I should look at these cards, because they were cards to "encourage kids".  I again told her that we were all set.  She then said:  "You should really look at those cards.  Kids need encouragement to behave properly".

I was about to become less kind and patient, but AJ took care of that for me.  He looked right at her, and said, in his sweetest voice possible:

"I don't need more encouragement than I already get.  I love you, Mama!"

Sometimes, he advocates for himself better than I ever could.  I love you right back, AJ!


Ivy said...

People who think they have the right to tell you how to parent really piss me off! But I love how AJ took care of the situation, much better than getting angry or "huffy."

Autism and family said...

Nothing I said could have been more effective than what AJ said. He handled that one!! :-)