Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free To Be... You And Me

Ok, this post has nothing to do with autism, nothing to do with AJ, and nothing to do with parenting.  But this blog is called Autism and Family - and that includes me.  This is just about me.  And it's super funny - maybe just to me, though.  And, it has blaspheming.  Fair warning...

So, when I'm not being a home schooling mom, or boring people by endlessly blatering on about autism, I am a small business owner.  I'm a jewelry designer.  Go ahead, check out my website (, I know you want to.  I'll wait....

Ok, if you're done being impressed, I'll go on.

Today, I did a show called Pagan Pride.  I'm not really a Pagan, but, I'm a "live and let live" kinda gal.  So, I went.  And it rained...torrentially.  At an outdoor show.  My tent sprung a leak.  Lovely.  So, I'm setting up in the rain (why didn't I go home?  I have no idea...).

By the time I stepped in the 400th puddle of the day (at 7:30am) I mumbled, under my breath, "Jesus Christ".

A guy I didn't know behind me said, "Dude, wrong Diety."  I really, really didn't laugh out loud.  It was hard.

Divine intervention must have hit, because my response was "Hey man, diversity and tolerance are the cornerstones of understanding."  in my best stoned hippy voice.  Divine.  Intervention.

His response:  "Deep man, really deep."

I'm still giggling.  He's still stoned (allegedly).


Anna said...

And you were completely right. Fun story that made me smile -- thanks.

Brenda said...