Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Daze

Well, I have no idea how yesterday went. No phone calls, no notes home, nothing. So much for the promise of increased communication. Whatever. I guess it won't matter now. Home school here we come.

Today was a snow day. Mind you, it's 12:30 and not even a flake has fallen. But, I guess it's coming. I had a bunch of errands to run, so I wanted to do it before the snow. We went to the post office. The little guy was asking about why it was so crowded. I explained that lots of people were mailing Christmas presents. I was nervous about him holding it together in the long wait. We HAD to wait because I was mailing the "Letter of Intent to Homeschool", and I needed to send it with a return receipt. I promised him that the Post Office always has the fastest people they have to work this time of year (if only that were true). His response: "Yeah, otherwise people would see the long lines and just say, Screw This, and leave." I laughed and told him that he couldn't say bad words. But, come on, how could you not laugh. He never swears, and it caught me off guard. The woman in front of us was not amused. When I saw the face she made, I almost laughed again. She looked like she swallowed some bad meat. Truly amusing. Maybe I need to get out more. I am very easily amused.

I got my digital camera in the mail today. I am self employed so my company bought it for me. I figure I deserve a Christmas present. I've been taking pictures and erasing them all day. I need lots of practice. I'm not exactly a good photographer. Last year my company bought me a Flip Video camera. Best thing I've ever bought. If you ever wished you had a small digital video camera, check out the Flip. It's so tiny, and so easy to use. My little guy uses it all the time. It's really only got one button. And it attaches directly to the computer to download the videos. Yeah a great buy. I'm hoping I enjoy and use the camera as much as I do my Flip.

Right now, the little man is having "alone time". I guess he's sick of me already. :-)

Peace out.

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