Monday, December 22, 2008

Still snowing

It's Monday, and school was cancelled again.

Considering how many times AJ has been in this school since he started, we might as well homeschool. He's been at home more than at school, anyway.

Weekends are always difficult with AJ. Without routine, he just falls apart. School cancelled on Friday. We just hung out and had a relaxing day. On Saturday, we had to run all our errands, because we were nervous that the roads would be even worse on Sunday. So, grocery shopping (which he hates more than anything) and runs to Target. So, by the end of the day, he was just completely overwhelmed.

At around 10:00, he came into our room, and said he just couldn't sleep. Insomnia is pretty normal to him, but he seemed really freaked out. I rubbed his head for a little while. He asked if we could make a compromise. I know what that means. I asked if he wanted to do "slumber party". That means sleeping on the floor in our room. I didn't even finish asking, and he was gathering his "supplies" - which to him is a pillow and a blanket. He was asleep in about 10 minutes. I, on the other hand, was up till 4:30. I often have insomnia too, so on Sunday morning, not feeling my cheerful best.

Sunday was fudge baking day for us. We make fudge every once in a while. AJ and Lisa do it, actually. I just watch. They did a great job. AJ wanted fudge before dinner. He asked if he could have it. Lisa immediately answered "no". She is much more strict than I am. He just looked at her and said "Mamu, you were NEVER a child!" Come on, how can you not laugh. How cute is that???

Today is Monday, and still no school. Maybe this is the universe's way of giving me practice for home schooling. AJ and I dug my car out of the snow and ice and headed for Border's. We had a 40% off coupon. Had to use it. AJ picked out a book on hieroglyphics. He said we could "home school it". We just spent about an hour learning hieroglyphics, and he wrote "I LOVE YOU" in it. How do you not love this kid? I can't understand why the Public Schools can't educate him, but it seems that they can't. We start in January. Can't wait.

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